What can I do? How does it work?

PriceUpdates.in is a product discovery platform that helps you find the best deals at right time from Indian online shopping websites. PriceUpdates.in constantly scans the product lists in the online stores. You can set an alert on any product and PriceUpdates.in will send you an app alert / email when the price drops below your set price. You can also check the price history of products.

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You can email us at contact@priceupdates.in. Use the feedback button at the bottom right corner to share quick feedback. Send a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Privacy Policy

We require your email address to identify you and provide you with enhanced experience. The email address is stored in our database along with the products on your watchlist and the products you set alert for. If you have linked your phone to receieve SMS alert, your phone number is also stored along with the email address. We do not engage in redistributing any of these information.


Built with Node, Angular and GraphQL.

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